Gingerbread Man Activities for Kids | Things to Do With Preschoolers and Toddlers on Christmas Winter Break

When the temperatures start to get cooler and the holidays roll around, keeping busy kids occupied indoors can be a challenging.  Couple that with days off from school and child care, often little ones can get antsy and mama’s can get cranky.

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A strong cup of coffee can only go so far when faced with a tiny human who is bored.

I like to incorporate activity trays or tot trays that showcase short and fun lessons or activities that you can work on together with your child as well as a few that the child can work on independently. 

These activity trays are the perfect option and can be laid on a shelf for the child to come to when they’re ready or be used when you’re ready to work together with them.

Use Props to Recreate The Gingerbread Man Story

I first made some homemade scented Gingerbread Man play dough then printed The Gingerbread Man story from the internet and then cut out the characters just by searching on Google for relevant characters in the story, cutting them out and gluing them to popsicle sticks.

I also incorporated from toy animals from our collection as well.  The idea is that as I read the story, my son would act it out using the puppets

Check out the video below to see all of these ideas implemented in our homeschool: 

 Read and Write Activity Using “an” Words

You can find this printable mini book activity in the paid version of Starfall, but you can also easily make your own version. 

Run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread….  

Write the sentence below and substitute the last word with fan, can, van and man. Have your child read and write the words a few times on lined primary paper or in a primary journal

Gingerbread Man “an” Word Sort Activity 

Fantastical First Grade on Teacher’s Pay Teachers is a fun cut and paste freebie is another great way to incorporate the reading component to the Gingerbread Man kids activities.

Gingerbread Man Science Activity | The Scientific Method

Another freebie, this time from Amy Lowes at Teachers Pay Teachers incorporates the Gingerbread Man into a Science activity that teaches young children about using The Scientific Method.

What a great way to get your little ones thinking abstractly while having fun and solving problems!

Having activity tray ideas ready to go ahead of time tucked away in ziploc bags to be used and re-used is a great way to assuage any tantrums or meltdowns when the inevitably rainy day comes and you’re scrambling for ideas to keep tiny humans occupied.

Couple these with a wholesome and homemade Gingerbread Man snack or in our case a not so wholesome, mass-produced GingerDEAD Man cookie decorating activity (we’re The Walking Dead fans) and you’ve got food, fun and family-time built right into one afternoon!




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