Declutter and Give Back This Christmas with Amazon in Three Easy Steps

Last weekend my youngest and I spent a considerable part of our afternoon clearing out the last few months of Amazon packaging and other boxes of household items from our garage, (we’ve been doing a lot of sprucing up and remodeling lately)

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We flattened the boxes and loaded them up in the back of my SUV to take to our local library recycling center because I knew over the course of the coming week, we’d be swimming in additional Amazon boxes!

I’m absolutely guilty of purchasing the majority of my Christmas gifts for my family and friends on Amazon because it’s fast, easy and efficient but days before the holiday I find myself inundated with corrugated boxes and packaging that seems to take over.

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I feel like it’s a huge part of some of the pre-holiday stress I go through.  Now not only do I have to wrap and organize gifts, but I’m left to clear out boxes upon boxes.

I find myself also using the week before Christmas to work on purging and decluttering items from my home which definitely helps but also tacks on an additional to-do list item; bringing decluttered items to Goodwill for donation.

Effortless and Convenient Way of Donating Used Household Items

I was thrilled to learn about the Give Back Box website; I can simply re-use the corrugated boxes I receive from Amazon and save myself the time and effort of driving and dropping off donations. I just print a free label, slap it on the box of items I’m donating and it gets sent to a charity.

Give Back Box Takes Reduce, Reuse, Recycle to a New Level

With Give Back Box, you reuse your online shipping box that housed all of your brand new, shiny Christmas gifts by filling them with your unwanted household items like gently used clothing and shoes!

Each day millions of corrugated boxes are shipped by online retailers and while 93% of those boxes are recycled, the Give Back Box program ensures that the boxes get a second life while helping others before they are ultimately recycled!

Decluttering Your Home Before The Holiday As The Ultimate Gift to Bless Others

According to an NPD study in 2011, the average United States household has $7000 worth of unwanted items lying around.  Donating these items to charities that help the 50 million Americans living below poverty level is a way of giving back during a time of year when excess and commercialism abounds.

How to Declutter Your Home Before The Holidays with Give Back Box

1. Unbox Your Brand New Items

Enjoy your new item, don’t feel guilty! Many people are now following the one in, one out rule to stay on top of clutter and simplify their homes.  Try this if you’re on a path to minimalism.

When you bring something into your home, be sure to let something else go. This ensures balance and peace in your environment.

So, enjoy your item but keep the box for a bit.

2. Look for Things That No Longer Bring You Joy

A few years back the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up of by Marie Kondo was making the rounds and everyone was clearing out items that did not bring them joy.

An easy way to do this without physically touching every. single. thing. in your home is to think… “have I used this in the last 3 months” if not, pop it into the box.

Begin filling the box with items you no longer, need, love or have a use for that will likely bless another person.  Once the box is full Simply print a shipping label from the Give Back Box website. Yes, it is that easy!

3. Send That Box Off – Get it Out of Your House ASAP

You can either download a USPS  or UPS shipping label from the Give Back Box website and attach it to the box then drop it off at any UPS location or you can arrange for the package to be picked up from your home.  Simply request a pickup when you download the label and leave it outside!

If you don’t have a printer or can’t print a shipping label, send Give Back Box an email with your address and they mail you your label.

Find the nearest UPS drop off location nearest to you. 

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