Best Math Curriculum for Homeschool | Advice for Homeschooling Parents of Kindergarten and First Graders

We tend to overcomplicate so many aspects of our lives; including homeschooling! Believe it or not, less really is more.  Finding the best math curriculum for your homeschool can seem challenging, but it’s helpful to understand that you don’t have to do it all and there’s no race to the finish.  The ultimate goal is that your child learns, at his or her own pace, in their own time.

Don’t Need to Spend Hours on a Subject

One helpful thing to note is that it doesn’t take hours upon hours to introduce and practice a new concept.  Dr. Stan Schmidt, author of the Life of Fred Math series of books (as well as a series of Language Arts books) warns parents against using a ‘drill and kill’ method of teaching mathematics.

His lessons are short, funny and to the point and build upon one another.  We’ve used several of these books over the years and while at first, they may seem basic, they create a foundation that your child builds upon as they go through each book in the series.

The misconception that a student needs to spend hours working in a book or on the computer, is one that we need to get away from.  Short, simple lessons that are engaging do the trick just fine!

Step Away From The Books and Learn through Daily Life

Getting away from the books every once in a while  is a fantastic way to teach your children.  When we were learning about tally marks and counting by five, I brought my son outside to work on some “nature math”  we used sticks and twigs to create tally marks. I gave my son a piece of chalk and had him write the number that the tally mark represented.

Hands-on math activities like fractions and cooking or ones outdoors in nature, filling out a checking deposit slip at the bank or counting back change at the grocery store are ways we can ensure our children are getting a well-rounded, real life education.

Best Math Curriculum for Elementary Grades

I’ve been homeschooling now for 7 years and have way through several curriculum options through several grades. While there are many options to choose from, I’ve compiled a list of the best homeschool math curriculum for elementary grades.

These are simple and easy to use and they leave time for the real-world math experiences that every homeschooling parent should try to incorporate into their learning.  Be sure to check out the video walk-through of each of these options at the end of this video!

Life of Fred Elementary Series

Math Lessons for a Living Education from Master Books

Kumon Workbooks – Money – Counting Coins

Star Wars Math Lessons Series

Math Start Stories – Three Levels Available

Montessori 100 Hundred Counting Board

Kindergarten and First Grade Math Curriculum Walk-Through Video


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