Star Wars Party Ideas Featuring a DIY Baby Yoda Soda

Baby Yoda Snack Ideas

The last time I needed Star Wars and Yoda party ideas was when my now-adult kids turned 8 and 9 years old. Thirteen years ago we served  Yoda Soda (and Princess Punch) at the local Papa Gino’s pizza restaurant near Boston.

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My two oldest kids are one year and one day apart. So for my son, the theme was a Star Wars party and for my daughter a Princess Party; with all of their classmates invited. 

A few months prior, I had found an old tattered book at the thrift store called, The Star Wars Cookbook: Wookie Cookies and Other Galactic Recipes. We really didn’t use it for recipes though, it was just a fun book for the kids to thumb through. The book itself survived many years, eventually losing it’s binding though, it wound up in the recycle bin.

Fast forward many years later, the older kids were chatting fondly about this book with my youngest. He seemed interested so I hopped over to Ebay and found the same book, in much better condition, with all of its stickers intact. If nothing else, I figured it would make a great item to add to his Star Wars collection. The 

The book, to be honest, the book is kind of ridiculous in terms of ‘recipes’ Essentially it is just regular food with a Star Wars name twist. Nothing too spectacular. Think Han-Burgers and Hoth-Chocolate. But, it is fun to own. 

Baby Yoda Snack Ideas


But there was one cute ‘recipe’ that I adapted for the party called Yoda Soda. The cookbook called for seltzer, sherbet and food coloring but I figured I could recreate the same thing with just sherbet and Sprite.

This was a much easier option for a crowd of 35 kids and their parents in a pizza shop dining room. 

Baby Yoda Snack Ideas

I simply poured in some Sprite, mixed around a spoonful or two of green sherbet to color the soda, added some extra sherbet to the top and done! You could even serve these in small, clear shot glasses and truly make them a Baby Yoda snack idea!

Who is Baby Yoda? 

Unless you’ve been living under a Kyber Crystal for the past few months, you’ve seen or heard about Baby Yoda. You know, “The Child” that the Mandalorian rescued in the Disney Plus series.

Baby Yoda is everywhere and his popularity isn’t waning soon. So you’re likely going to run into a kid (or adult) somewhere that wants a Baby Yoda themed birthday party, or Baby Yoda party food and snacks.

We’re going to see some adorable Baby Yoda Halloween costume ideas as well, I’m sure. 

In the meantime though, if you’re anticipating having to create a magical birthday party for a special Padawan in your life, give this simple Baby Yoda Soda a try. I’m sure it will make someone smile!

Baby Yoda Snack Ideas


I’ve got the hook-up if you’re looking for additional Baby Yoda ideas for meals, drinks, and crafts. There are even adorable, Baby Yoda Valentines for a candy-free classroom Valentine exchange!

Baby Yoda Snack Foods and Party Ideas 

If you’re making Star Wars cupcakes, these Baby Yoda cupcake toppers are the perfect addition to the festivities. Taty also recommends making these for a Baby Yoda Baby Shower as well, which I think is pure genius!

Baby Yoda Valentine’s Day Party Printables

Melissa over at Farm Girl Gabs created some super-cute Baby Yoda Free Printable Mandalorian  Valentines Day Cards for you to print out and have your kids exchange with friends. Kami from The Momma Diaries also has some Free Baby Yoda Valentines Day Printables

Healthy Baby Yoda Soup Recipe 

For a healthy immune-boosting winter soup, because you know Baby Yoda likes his soup, Kita from It’s Really Kita has this delicious looking Baby Yoda Soup Recipe! I’m excited to try this one very soon!

Shaye at Popcorn and Tequila has a comprehensive list of places to find Baby Yoda and Mandalorian Funko Pop for some fun birthday gift ideas! 

How to Make Baby Yoda Cookies 

Chrysa at Thrifty Jinxy shares some cute Baby Yoda Cookies and she offers step by step decorating tips with process photos, which I find super helpful!

Baby Yoda Nachos and Guacamole Dip 

Finally, Laura at Little House Big Alaska created these adorable Baby Yoda Nachos. Check out that the presentation, I’m giving these a go very soon, I mean – check out those ears!!

These Baby Yoda party food ideas and printables are a great way to get your Mandalorian fix. Hopefully later this year we’ll learn a bit more about The Child. In the meantime, we can only speculate, and make all the Baby Yoda things we can! 

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