The Best AirBnB Experiences in NYC | Things to do in New York City

Best AirBnB Experiences NYC

AirBnB Experiences in NYC highlight some of the best things to do in New York.

AirBnB isn’t just for lodging! The popular tourism website now offers cooking workshops, walking tours, and other fun activities. When you look up a city on AirBnB, you’ll find these unique experiences, along with rooms to rent in that area. If you’re looking for some of the best non touristy things to do in NYC, this list has got you covered.

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As a popular tourist destination, New York City has hundreds of AirBnB experiences to choose from. While some of these activities are overpriced and can be found for cheaper off of AirBnB, while others are special things to do in New York that local businesses don’t offer. These unique AirBnB experiences in New York City can easily become the highlight of your trip. Make room on your itinerary for some incredible opportunities! Additionally, an AirBnB Experience makes a great gift for someone visiting New York. 

A Manhattan Pizza Tour – Yes Please!

Can you really say you’ve been to New York City if you haven’t had a slice of pizza, or four? Head out on a four-stop tour of the Lower East Side/East Village with Bob as he introduces you to some of the best pizza in the city. You’ll stop at some of NYC’s pizza hidden gems and explore with a local.  

NY style pizza

Hasidic Brooklyn – A Unique NYC Experience 

Brooklyn is home to an active Hasidic Jewish community, but many people outside of that community aren’t familiar with its customs. Brooklynite Rabbi Yoni Katz invites locals and tourists into his world by introducing them to Jewish artifacts, people, and food.

Your tour of Hasidic Brooklyn starts at the Hasidic Scribe, where you’ll see how Judaica items are created. Then, you’ll head to a synagogue to witness the daily prayer services.

The tour includes a visit to a Mikvah bathhouse to hear women’s perspectives on marriage and intimacy in the Hasidic community. When time allows, Rabbi Katz even invites tourists into a Hasidic Jewish home!

Shop Harlem with a Fashion Anthropologist

This tour will give you an in-depth look at Harlem’s culture through the eyes of a fashionista. Browse the neighborhood’s clothing racks with your guide, a fashion designer with a PhD in Anthropology.

By the end of your 2-hour tour, you’ll have learned about the evolution of fashion in Harlem, the history of African-American fashion, and how to create a stand-out ensemble. Your AirBnB experience includes personal styling services, so your guide will take you to boutiques that were hand-picked just for you!

Best Airbnb Experiences NYC

Broadway Dancer Teaches Broadway Dance

Dancing on Broadway is a career that most dancers only dream of. Your AirBnB experiences NYC guide, Scott dances in The Book of Mormon, and his past credits include Matilda on Broadway, Miss Saigon, and Cats

You’ll meet Scott at the Ripley Grier Studios, where many Broadway shows hold their auditions. During your Broadway dance class, you’ll learn a routine that Scott himself performed on one of the world’s greatest stages. Don’t worry if you’ve never danced before – this class is for dancers of all skill levels. It’s also a fun thing for couples to do in NYC.

New York Must Eat Street Food Experience

Take this highly-rated street food tour during your trip! You’ll spend 3 hours walking around Queens, where other tourists don’t typically visit. This experience is likely one of the most delicious things to do in the New York State. As you walk through the neighborhoods, you’ll stop at hole-in-the-wall eateries and food carts from a variety of vendors.

Queens is filled with cultural diversity, so you can expect to try all kinds of cuisines! Thankfully, this tour can be modified to meet dietary restrictions, though it’s already vegetarian-friendly.

When you explore New York City with a local, you’ll see parts of the Big Apple that other tourists might miss. These AirBnB experiences dive deeper into the city’s rich culture and history than a run-of-the-mill walking tour. Consider signing up for these fun experiences to add some impact to your trip! 




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