A homeschooling foodie-mom of four kids ages 7-20 with a passion for Family Travel, Disney, Child-led Home Education and Wellness, I like to share fun and affordable ways to travel, offer helpful resources for the homeschooling family and provide ways to make day-to-day life more enjoyable and stress-free.

It is my goal to help moms wanting to provide an educationally & culturally rich environment for her family while balancing daily tasks, personal and work commitments and most importantly, encouraging self-care,offering inspiration and encouragement toward reaching goals.

So, What is the Crazy Busy Fit Mom lifestyle?

Well first, what isnt it?

It’s not about being ‘busy’ in the traditional sense – there’s no glorifying busy here.  We don’t rush from activity to activity while grabing a quick meal in drive-thru and calling it dinner.


My Crazy Busy Fit Mom lifestyle is quite the opposite.  We’re relaxed homeschoolers and we pick and choose our activities based on whether or not they align with our goals as a family.  When I talk about busy, it means I’m always working toward new goals and engaged and hands-on in my family’s life and needs.

So that’s what this is and what I want it to be for you.  I believe in balance in all things, from homeschool and the activities that come along with it, to family time, creating wholesome healthful meals, getting and staying fit as a family and of course devoting a significant amount of our free time to travel and exploring new places.

So, we’re busy but we’re not rushed.  I hope you’ll join the Crazy Busy Fit Mom lifestyle along with me!

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